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Vinh Vien LTD

Specialize in Standard and Non-standard Fasteners


Vinh Vien company, with our extensive expertise and machinery, can manufacture a wide variety of either standard or special fasteners, customizing to customers’ blueprints or specifications. 


For your convenience reference, our products have divided into three categories as below: Custom Bolts, Custom Screws and Rivets, and Machine Parts. Each category will direct you to another page which has more corresponding details and photos  on display.

One distinct feature of Bolt is that this fastener has to be used with Nuts. Bolts and Nuts always go together to form a strong cohesion. 


The head of bolt tends to have the shape of a hexagon or a circle. While hexagon head is a feature exclusive to bolts, circle head is characteristic of many types of fasteners. Therefore, if a fastener is hexagon headed, it is certainly a bolt. A bolt can also be headless. 

Two most common features of screws are head and threads.


In general, screws need to be used with pre-formed internal thread. There is another type of screw, however, that is called self-tapping screw. As the name indicates, self-tapping screw will form its own thread as it is being tapped in a pre-drilled hole . 

Vinh Vien company has the expertise and machinery to manufacture any machine parts according to customers’ blueprints or specifications.

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